About Us

About Us

“We do not remember days. We remember those special moments.”

After being in the industry for many years, Rona Bunch decided to take all of the tools that she had collected along the way and put them to use. She has been building on that foundation since 2010 when RonaBunchInc. became a reality.

Rona believes that it is ” always time to meet the new you”.

In 2014 Rona brought Cassidy Thompson on board as an up and coming Co-Designer. Working side by side until Cassidy was able to start taking on new guests. That relationship has grown into what our industry is all about. Giving back to one another with a mission and a vision.

Mission and Vision

“We pride ourselves on quality of service, technical prowess, advanced education and functioning as a strong team. We work together to collectively meet and exceed the expectations of our guests and to provide the highest level of customized hair care service.”

It all begins from the very first time a guest calls and continues on with each appointment that is booked before they leave. We believe that customer service is a top priority and each guest deserves to be given the utmost respect and leave with the desired end result that they were wanting.

Our Stylists
Our Commitment to Community

We are committed to giving back and being good stewards in our community through charity and mentoring currently enrolled cosmetology students. We have worked with multiple organizations and groups such as Hubbard House, River Garden, Juvenile Diabetes, Christ’s Church Academy, Bartram Trail Girls Volleyball Team, San Juan Del Rio, St. Johns Cares and other well deserving charitable organizations.